1. All products purchased with us are subject to replacement. If the goods do not meet your expectations, you can return them or replace them for goods of the same size or any other by sending them back to us. You need to inquire first whether the size of interest to you is available. If it is not available, we shall do our best to replace it as fast as possible. If it is impossible (e.g. due to the goods being sold out), we shall offer you any other available goods or we shall refund the funds Replacement form
  2. If the price of the new product is higher than that of the returned one, we shall ask you to pay the difference.
  3. If the price of the new product is lower than that of the returned one, we shall refund the difference.
  4. Any additional information in this respect shall be agreed between the Seller and the Client.


  1. The Client (consumer) is entitled to withdraw from the contract without stating reasons within 14 days of receiving the package, without incurring costs, except for those stated below.
  2. The costs which are incurred by the Client (consumer), as referred to in clause 1 above, include: a) If the Client (consumer) does not select a cheaper method of delivery presented in the shop page, the Client (consumer) shall be refunded the equivalent of the cheapest method of delivery. b) The costs of directly returning the goods to the shop shall be incurred by the client. c) incurring liability for damages in case of reduction of the value of the goods for the seller.
  3. To observe the time limit, sending the statement before its expiry will be sufficient, to the email address:, or by mail to the address of the shop. Form of withdrawing from the agreement
  4. The contract shall be regarded as not concluded, and whatever the parties mutually provided shall be returned in unchanged condition.
  5. The return should occur immediately, at the latest within 14 days of the date of withdrawal from the contract, to the address of the shop.
  6. Along with the returned product, you are requested to state the account into which the Shop is to transfer the amount due.
  7. The Seller is entitled to withhold returning the service towards the client (consumer) until the time of receiving the product from him / her or the confirmation of its sending.
  8. The Seller shall confirm to the Client (consumer) the reception of withdrawal from the contract.


  1. Guarantee for any consumer goods sold does not exclude, limit or suspend rights of the buyer resulting from warranty.
  2. The items offered on the online shop are covered with a 24-month guarantee of the producer.
  3. If your received product has technical defects, was damaged during the delivery or is different from the one ordered, the Client (consumer) is entitled to file a complaint under warranty or guarantee.
  4. If it is possible, enclosing the order ID with the product under complaint is recommended to facilitate identification of the client (consumer).
  5. The product under complaint, along with contact address and telephone number and, as far as it is possible, the description of the defect, should be sent to shop. Complain form
  6. The complaint shall be examined and responded to within 14 days, and the client shall be informed about the result of its processing.
  7. The Client is entitled to request having the goods arranged to the condition compliant with the contract by way of free repair, replacement, price reduction, or to withdraw from the contract.
  8. If the Seller cannot meet the request of the client (consumer), he shall always inform about the cause and methods of the proposed solution.
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