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It was in the 1960s. London-based brand Lonsdale and its world-famous Lansdole shoes and boxer clothing collection was born. The brand was created by English boxer Bernard Hart, who wanted to create clothing for the general public and professionals. The brand became famous in 1963 with Mohammad Ali and later in the 1980s with Mike Tyson, whom it sponsored.

Initially, the Lonsdale brand offered products exclusively for boxers. These included gloves, shoes, clothing and other professional sports accessories. The brand made a great marketing move - in its early years, it opened its store on the famous Barnaby Street. It was a very popular and fashionable address at the time, especially among young people. Soon Lonsdale shoes also became the main target of British music and film stars and ordinary customers.

One of the reasons why Lonsdale shoes are so popular is because they have good value for money. In addition to a modern look that goes step by step with current fashion trends, Lonsdale has taken care of such functional elements as comfort and safety. The unique construction of the upper, which is made of the highest quality materials, is responsible for proper ventilation. In order to protect our foot, especially the ankle, from accidental injury Lonsdale has used proven technologies.

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